*Under construction*

So, as I sit here and type this in the living room on my laptop, my husband is on the desktop uploading photos of my completed projects to our soon to be completed website. It probably won’t be too fancy but I think it will work for selling and getting my work out there. I know this is going to be challenging and very scary, and to be honest I’m pretty scared already, but I’m excited. I feel capable, somewhat independent and those aren’t things I feel all the time. My husband is the breadwinner of the family so I’m very dependent on him. I never experienced anything other than dependence on someone else, went from my mom’s house to my husband’s as the saying goes. I’m not complaining, mind you.

I guess I just wanted to express how much this endeavor fills me with excitement and hope, and how silly I feel because of it. Ha

Oh, and to celebrate the launch of my new website I’m going to have a earring giveaway on my Facebook Page and anyone who has “liked” it isΒ eligible. I have yet to decide which ones will be the giveaway ones but I’m leaning toward the triangles.

I hope all is well with whomever reads this. I feel very zen at the moment. :0)


7 thoughts on “*Under construction*

      • Have you poked around etsy just to see what other crocheted earring makers are doing? It might give you an idea of pricing and styles that seem popular, at least.

        Things will definitely be ok!

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