Website launched!

The website, Divine Debris, is now operational and accepting orders. It’s still in its early stages, so tell me what you think and if anything goes wrong. I’m so excited, husband has been working it a considerable amount of time today and it’s finally ready. 🙂 Also, to celebrate the launching of the website I will be giving away a free pair of earrings through my Facebook page, Divine Debris Jewelry, next Wednesday (6/20). (Giveaway open to residents of the contiguous 48 U.S. states only).

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21 thoughts on “Website launched!

  1. Congratulations…the website looks great! Wishing you great success! If I had pierced ears…hmmm….maybe I better get them pierced again. Love the earrings!

    • Thank you! You really think the website looks good? It’s pretty basic at this time but we wanted to get it up and operating so that we could get some business going, & to get the name out there ya know? And then we’ll update it further later. At the very least I want to make the site more colorful. Ha.

      • Well all things have a beginning…and your website’s beginning does look good. It is organized and showcases your work…which is the focus of the site anyway! I’m sure it will evolve and you will add some nice touches…but I think it will accomplish your goal…get the word out there and start showing your work. Nice job!

  2. Congrats on your website!!!! I know it will bring you success with your awesome designs. Tis a pity I am on the Canadian side of the border right now and can’t enter your contest…hmm if only I still had my stateside address (lol)

    • Well, I would have it open worldwide but alas, I’m unfamiliar with shipping internationally and need to brush up on it before offering something free. I do plan another giveaway at 50 “likes” on Facebook, so perhaps I will know more then and be able to include more people.

      • No I think you are wise..keep things domestic for a bit while you are getting your feet “wet”. Then, in time, just like with your website you can expand and make the changes you want. I would think it would be overwhelming to try to do everything at once…

      • That’s exactly what we were thinking. This is a new venture for my my husband and me, so it’s scary. Thanks for understanding and I hope I’ll be able to know more so the next drawing is international. 😀

    • Thank you! I feel terrible, it seems that here on WordPress the crafting community is so vast that it’s all over the world so when I can’t include non U.S. residents I’m excluding so many wonderful people I’ve interacted with on here. I’ll have to look into the how much and how to of shipping internationally. 😀

    • Yeah, husband has it down at the moment… not a good plan for the first week up. He was updating it yesterday and just left it down so that he could finish today but isn’t available to work on it just yet.

      • Yeah, he did that just so that it didn’t seem like the website crashed. He’s silly that way. I hope he’ll have it up and running tonight. He downloaded a new program to be able to make the website look fancy and stuff. It also enabled Google Checkout for purchasing, so that was a plus. 😀
        Thank you for being interested in looking at the website. We put a tracker on it, when it was up, to see how many people visited and it was really exciting to see people looking at it, even it the total number for the day or so it was operating was 20. Ha.

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