The Serena in Purple

So… Yesterday I ventured out of the house for a very short time, honestly it was under and hour, and got 3 compliments from people while I was wearing the Serena earrings in green. It was awesome, if only the people would have asked where I got them! Ha. The husband and I were brainstorming ways toΒ subtlyΒ work in that I sell my earrings online… I’m not sure if I can pull it off.

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Random person: Your earrings are cute.

Me: Thanks. It’s just a side business I’ve got.

I don’t know if I could say that back and keep a straight face. Ha. Oh, the difficulties of my life (sigh). πŸ˜€

OH! And I was thinking about making these the giveaway earrings for my Facebook giveaway. Does that sound good? I’ve still got a couple days before I have to decide but I want the giveaway earrings to be nice. πŸ˜€


10 thoughts on “The Serena in Purple

    • I’ve tried that. Perhaps its where I live, but the when I’ve said I made them myself people just say “oh.”
      Ha. I supposed I could carry business cards with me and when someone asks I’ll just hand it to them without saying anything. ;P

      • Sometimes when you say you’ve made something yourself, people don’t make the connection that you also sell them. When I made handmade jewelry I’d have the same reaction. Then I’d say I sold them and they’d be excited to get one. I HAVE sold the item I’m wearing right on the spot to an enthusiastic buyer. :O

      • That’s awesome. I still just don’t know how to tell someone without feeling super awkward. I’m rather awkward in person to begin with… Man, thins selling stuff thing is a 24/7 job. Ha.

      • Yeah, selling things IS an overtime job! But the thrill of actually selling things makes up for it. In my mind at least. You can print up nice business cards at home. Get a pack of blank cards (they come in a sheet and you tear them apart). I leave them places at random. Tack them up on bulletin boards. Leave them at the doctors office on the table. Leave them on a ledge in a restaurant. Put them in with orders you do get so people don’t forget about your store. Sometimes it seems like the road to those first sales is very long because you have to do so much that doesn’t look like it’s paying off. But suddenly…it starts paying off and you’re glad you did it.

      • That gives me hope, because I am scary part where I’m constantly worried that I will fail.
        It’s funny that you say leaving the business cards places, since I started thinking about ways to market my business I see places people advertise and now I can’t stop.
        I can’t wait for that first sell, it will be super exciting.

  1. I agree with knitnrun. I have a cafepress store and when people comment on something I have with me from the store I say “Oh, I designed it myself for my CafePress store”. I’ve gotten some sales that way. Print up some business cards. They’re a valuable tool!

    I love these earrings! I think I would like them with the motif on longways, too–so that the flat part is toward your neck. Those purple beads are pretty!

    • Oh, that’s a fantastic idea! That would make it like a frame for your head, in a not so graceful way to say it. πŸ™‚

      If I ever make sells I think the hubs and I will print up some business cards for me to carry, just in case.

  2. I think that is awesome! And you should absolutely mention that you made them. Don’t be shy about it. I know a lot of people are shy about sales. You don’t have to be pushy…but offer them a card. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Ease off of the pressure by handing them a card and asking them to pass your card along if they know of anybody who may like to own some….and then thank them. People love to help! Other good suggestions here too. πŸ™‚

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