Just for fun…

I’m going to post another version of the Shirley earrings, this time it’s in yellow ribbon! The ribbon showcases the movement of the earring very well, keeping shape when worn without the use of a fabric stiffener. I really love working in ribbon, it’s a delightful medium. I actually made these yesterday and didn’t get them posted so I thought I’d do it today because I have spent more than half my day working on my computer in a scholarly capacity. Stupid life of a student… if you neglect your studies one week you’re all messed up for ever, or at least that’s what it feels like for me. My eyes hurt from looking at this damn screen for 10 hours. Boo… to homework. BOO I say!

Thank you for listening. *heart*
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2 thoughts on “Just for fun…

    • Oh, you should try ribbon. I find it very easy to use.
      Yeah, everything is ok with the website. The husband actually decided to re-do EVERYTHING on the website so it’s taking longer than we thought to launch again. I have to put in a couple hours today, myself. Ha. πŸ™‚

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