Wendy and Handmade Monday

Oh, it was a long weekend. I’m finding motivation to do things other than crocheting is waning. I just want to sit and make things for hours, although my wrists will not allow such an event to happen, I will continue to try. I posted a lot of new

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earrings (including the Wendy to the left)accessory, hair accessory, flower, blue, yellow, handmade, handcrafted, homemade, crafts, yarn, crochet, crochet flower, most of which you guys have already seen, on the website yesterday. I also uploaded some of my early accessories! Just some hearts, bows and one lonely flower (left) right now, but it’s a start, yes? I’m working on a design that can function as a doily, if I make it bigger a rug and maybe a decorative wall piece… can’t decide what I want to market it as. It’s a cotton blend and I love the yarn. I’ll post pictures of it tomorrow. I’m also using the same yarn to make some pot holders in a fantastic stitch I learned from a person on Instagram, (slip stitch, hdc, slip st, hdc… it looks very interesting). Pictures of those are forthcoming as well.

And I’m so happy to report that I finally kept track of the days of the week and I’m going to participate in Handmade Monday over at Handmade Harbour! Last week I was very intent on posting a link and being involved, but I didn’t even notice I missed Monday until Tuesday night. It was a very sad moment for me. Ha.



13 thoughts on “Wendy and Handmade Monday

    • Yeah, I’m going to try to. I’ve made a couple of pendants from black crochet thread, but I need to get them photographed. Also, I finished some potholders yesterday, so I’ll post pictures of those soon. Trying to do a bit of this and that, ya know? Make the website diverse. I’ve also got ideas for all sorts of things, it just a matter of finding the time and the energy.

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