Little baskets (on the hillsides, little baskets made of ticky tacky…)

Yeah, no baskets made of ticky tacky. Just saying little baskets made my mind sing the lyrics to the better seasons of Weeds. Sorry for that. But! I have new patterns for you to try, one that I did yesterday.

So… quite recently I stumbled upon this lovely blog, have you heard of it (?), called Crochet in Color. Wondrous patterns! I want to make everything she posts! And I’ve made twocrochet, baskets, handmade, homemade, handcrafted, Bing, Google, handicrafts, crafts, crochet baskets, crochet decorations, decorations, for the home, , well I guess you could count them as three, items. The first is the Chunky Crochet Basket, which, as you can see, I have two of. The black is the smaller pattern with two extra rounds added to give it a bit more height and the purple is the large pattern with no manipulations. And the other is the Spring Shrug, which I haven’t taken pictures of yet.

Easy to follow directions and photos to help if you get stuck! I love my new baskets. They’re made of just cheap ol’ Red Heart Super Saver, as I wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out. I will, however, add them to the website at a later date in some better yarn. Thanks goes out to Crochet in Color for the lovely patterns!


3 thoughts on “Little baskets (on the hillsides, little baskets made of ticky tacky…)

    • Ha. I don’t have much else going on in my life, to be honest. I just try to juggle homework with the crochet. These baskets too no time to make, seriously, maybe an hour and a half, tops. There are two strands of yarn there, strung together, and I used a pretty large hook. Simple, quick and now I have a place to hold the yarn i’m not using (well, a little of the yarn I’m not using.) 😀

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