New hairpins!

Today I finished some new accessories. Now I’ve got to figure out how to package them or at least how to display them so they look nice. Any ideas? And have I said lately that I love buttons? Aren’t they just too freakin’ cute? I was going to make the green flowers have purple buttons, a little matchy-matchy with the purple flowers with green buttons but I didn’t have two matching purple buttons! What happened to ’em all? Musta used them…
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8 thoughts on “New hairpins!

  1. I would think they would look good attached to a piece of card with two holes in to clip them through. Could be white card or a complementary colour or even have a design/logo round the edge/in the corners…. even fancy shaped edges. But plain colour behind and immediately around them so you show off the pattern.

  2. Well how about making the card butterfly shaped and attaching the pins so the crochet bit comes in the middle of the wings like a pattern on the upper wings and put your name in the lovely script one word on each lower wing.

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