Good morning!

Or whatever time it is where you are. I have been up since before the sun was and I’m very tired. However, I’ve got stuff to do so sleep will have to wait. What is everyone working on? Has anyone made one of those coffee cup cosys?

Like this one: The simple mug cozy
Or this one: Marion’s mug warmer cozy

Ravelry has some wonderful patterns but I haven’t made one just yet. I can’t decide if I want it to go all the way around the cup or stop at the bottom. Tough decisions…

P. S. – July 3rd, 4th and 5th my website, Divine Debris, will featuring a 10% sale and free shipping with a $15 purchase in honor of July 4th.


5 thoughts on “Good morning!

    • Oh, there are tons on there, these are just the two examples I found when I was gathering materials to make my post. I can’t decide if I want a bottom on it and how I want the button or buttons to be placed. Too many variables.

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