Mandy Earrings

While  I was at work a week or so ago I was talking to one of the other girl who works there and thought up the idea of these. I tried to make them in ribbon first and that did not work very well. Worked them up in thread and went through a

couple of trial and error situations until I found one I liked. What do you think? I made the while ones first but last night after I posted the pictures on Facebook, someone sent me a message asking me to make them in black. So, here are the

black ones too.




6 thoughts on “Mandy Earrings

    • Yeah, I should have probably used something else for the back drop when I took the picture of them in white. Glad you like them. It took a lot of tires to get them to look just the way I wanted.

    • Unfortunately, I will not be publishing the pattern for these earrings because I sell them through my website: I’m currently having a sell on the items on the website, 10% off and free shipping w/ a $15 purchase if you or any of your friends are interested. Perhaps at a later day I will publish the pattern but as I am trying to establish a business, I feel like I shouldn’t right now. Was that harsh? I’m not trying to be.

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