Bag update

So, I told you guys about a project I was starting, Granny Square Envelope Bag, an ambitious one if I do say so. 😀 Well, here’s an update on how it’s going.

It’s going well, I had no problem making the bag itself. It’s the sewing that is killing me. I have not tried to sew anything since I was in Jr. High and they required you to take a class where they taught you. I made a pillow, it was nice. I have a huge gap in knowledge when it comes to sewing, you should see the seams! Practice is what hubby said. I know, I know! I’m actually nervous about finishing the rest of the bag now. I don’t know if I can sew the lining in and make it look good. I will try but I just don’t want to screw it up. Oh! And I figured out how to make the strap. I bought some craft cord and I’m going to crochet around it, reinforcing the crochet with some structure. I hope that works. 😀

crochet, bag, crafts, DIY, homemade, handmade, crochet bag
Back view

crochet, crafts, DIY, homemade, handmade
Front view