Shrugs. Whatever…

I like shrugs. I can’t explain why, perhaps because I feel pretty and girly in them. Who knows. But today I finished the one I was working on all weekend.

Well, it’s not quite finished, I still need to work the ends in, but this is what it looks like right now. Like? I like it.

crochet, clothing, handmade, homemade, shrug, green, Bing, Google, crochet shrug, fashion, style

I need to get some other things photographed and posted. This last weekend I made my first bracelet and headband, seriously exciting! I just didn’t feel like spending any time on the computer the last few days. School let out of the rest of the summer and so I was very grateful not to have to be on the computer all day long writing the end of my term paper. 😀 I turned it in on Friday, I hope it is well received.


7 thoughts on “Shrugs. Whatever…

    • I wish it wasn’t so hot here in New York or else I’d get to wear this everywhere… it’ll be great late summer weather though. I love shrugs though, tend to wear them despite the weather. 🙂

  1. I had missed you!! Glad that you have been busy. Love the shrug and green is just my colour….. Looking forward to seeing the bracelet and headband but understand about the computer. Good luck with your paper. 🙂

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