Friday, Friday, Friday

Eh, in my world Friday is just like any other, except I can expect to see my husband most of the weekend. After a sort of long week of actually working, I picked up more hours at work, I’m ready to relax for the weekend. So, anyone have any fun projects planned? I’m going to work on making so more bracelets, take pictures for the website and other stuff. I have a new shrug I’m working on, it’s a honey comb stitch, I do believe, in cream soft yarn.

Oh, and I wanted to ask if anyone else loves, or loved as it were, Battlestar Galactica? The husband and I are watching it and I’m super bummed that we just finished the final episode of the second season, marking only two seasons left. It’s such a good show! πŸ™‚

crochet, clothing, fashion, style, shrug, Google, Bing, homemade, handmade, yarn, crafts, handcrafted,Have a good weekend, I hope it is productive and fun.

Ps- I have another blog over at Blogger if anyone is interested in checking it out, Divine Debris. I post a lot of food pictures. I like food. πŸ™‚

I’m including a picture of a shrug that I finished recently. I got the pattern idea fromΒ Crochet in Color, its herΒ Spring Shrug Pattern, only I changed the hook size to make it more open and loose, and made it a different join. I’m quite happy with it. The yarn is Red Heart Soft, which is a great yarn.

AND… I finished my bag, lining an all! I need to get some pictures and set up a link to the blog I got the idea for the strap for, it worked out very well. I need to redo the join on the strap to the bag, but other than that it is awesome! πŸ˜€



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