What’s next?

So… now that I’ve decided that I will do this yard sale thing, after some cajoling from a girl I work with, I find myself pondering what’s next. I know that to be successful I need to present a good front. Meaning, I need to get together a good presentation for the booth so that people are more likely to stop by and shop. Luckily the internet is a wealth of information on how to prepare. And because I love ya guys, I thought I’d share what I have picked up so far and ask for all the tips and tricks some of you may have gathered.

Blah-To-Tada has some great ideas for cheap and easy displays, I think I may use that bracelet display she made

Free Craft Fair.com – Not only does this website have some awesome articles that I think will prove to be greatly useful. Better still is the article 5 Tips For a Better Jewelry Booth, which is totally up my alley.

This Jewelry Display board over on Pinterest has some wonderful images and great ideas.

This board, Arts and Crafts Shows: Displays, Tips, etc… also features great photographs and some ideas that really have me thinking.


Over all, I’m really nervous about how to arrange the display and how to make sure that everything and everyone stays safe. I’m worried that some of the ideas that I’ve seen on the internet are too breakable for my tastes. I also how have to think about bags, table cloths, signs, purchasing more business cards, being nice to people, decorations, discounts, prices, money, buying a locked box, and so much more. Oh, it feels a bit overwhelming right now. I just hope it will be worth it. I’m crocheting like crazy now that I’ve decided. Today alone I made a shrug, 5 pairs of glittery yarn Shirley earrings and two headbands, which got added to the shrug, two pairs of Matilda earrings, pendant and headband I made yesterday. Needless to day, my wrist is achy and I’m nervous. Do any of you awesome WordPressians or Internet-es-phere people have any tips and ideas for me? This is my first official outing with my crafts and I want to make a good debut.

Also, did I tell you that I have to do this alone? The husband has to work that Saturday so I’m going to have to go and set up and work the booth by myself, I’m freaking out! What if I get overwhelmed? What if no one comes buy? I will cry if I spend the entire 9am – 4pm without any customers. What about lunch? What about potty breaks? I know I’ll have at least one Monster with me as well as morning coffee… I don’t think I could go the whole day without a bathroom stop.

Thank you for listening, I greatly appreciate it. Oh, and I’ll probably be documenting this whole process… be warned. 😀


12 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. When I was still in merchandising, one of the most versatile types of display I found was metal grid. For your purposes, the small square ones with metal or plastic connectors would be the most useful. You can attach them together to fit any display space. You can get a box of them at most hardware stores, generally where the shelving is sold. It’d be a good investment if this is something you plan to do regularly. Good luck! And make friends with the people in the booth next to you so you can cover each other’s potty breaks.

      • You might even check Goodwill or the thrift shops to see if anyone dumped some, not knowing what they were. Another idea, more rustic, is to take an old wooden frame and staple screen to the backside. You can hang your earrings, pins, or what-nots on the screen. You’d have to add an easel back to the frame, or some kind of prop to hold the frame up. Really depends on your venue.

  2. Gosh, that’s sos exciting, good luck!

    I’m afraid I don’t have any useful tips… Are you very sure that you have to do it alone? Ask a friend/sister/neighbour, you will have so much more fun!

    Also, as it’s a first time and a bit of a try-out, why not make it a shorter day (say from 12 to 4)? Not so daunting and much easier to manage.

    Don’t worry too much about not selling – even if this happens, so what? Then at least you know that this is not the way to go; lesson learned.

    Again, good luck!

    • Thank you! And unfortunate no relatives to help out but I do have a friend who will be shopping the sale and I’ll have to see if she would be willing to watch it for a minute so I can run, if I have to. And I have to work the whole 9 – 4 time set, I believe those are the rules. Stupid rules. 🙂

  3. There is absolutely no one that you can take with you? What about a niece, nephew, etc. that is old enough to stay at the stand if you need a break?
    And… I am sure you will get visitors to your stand! 🙂 Good Luck!

    • Unfortunately, no I have no family up where I live right now, military lifestyle and all. I have a friend who is going to stop by the booth and feel confident she can take charge for a bathroom break. 😀 And thank you, I hope you are right.

  4. good luck! I hope your booth is very successful and you don’t get too overwhelmed! don’t forget to breath!

  5. I have never done something like this but from what I can gather they are often of the friendly variety and I am sure that a fellow stall holder will do you a favour in return for one from you! I don’t think that you have anything to worry about – I am sure that you can be nice!!! Just take it one step at a time and do continue to share – it is very interesting! Thanks.

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