Hey, um… remember me?

Wow, another week has gone by and I’ve been neglecting my blogging. I can’t tell ya why, I’ve just been wrapped up in working on stuff for the dealy this weekend, (Eek!) and so I’ve spent very little time doing much else.

This last weekend I worked on finishing up some things that needed to be finished… ie buttons being added, ends being sewn in, yadda yadda. Also, however, I decided to make a cowl scarf! So far, I’ve made two.

crochet, books
The awesome book~

Using this lovely book I have been able to find great stitches to make some fun things from, this is where I get the patterns for my shrugs I’ve been making lately. Funny thing is, is that I bought this book almost a year and a half  ago and I think it sat in my small library of books for most of a year without being utilized. It’s really awesome, how could i have been so misguided? Who knows…

So, I’ve made both of the cowl scarves on the right with a wondrous pattern I got out of this book. I’m so excited to show them off,

style, fashion, crochet, scarf, cowl scarf, handmade, homemade, handcrafted, crafts,
Cowl in orange

alas it is still 80 + degrees around here and so I won’t be wearing them in public any time soon… darn the luck. 😀

As far as this weekend’s World’s Largest Yarn Sale, that I will be showcasing my products a… things are coming along well.

style, fashion, crochet, scarf, cowl scarf, handmade, homemade, handcrafted, crafts,
Cowl in brown

I’m nervous, about that whole failing thing but I’m still moving right along. Today I shopped for bags, tags and labels. I came away with a good showing of labels and tags from this office supply store near me, I adore office supply stores. It’s something about the organizational opportunities that I just love being in the store. I now have a pretty good idea of the execution of the booth, just need to get there to set up. I’m excited and nervous. 😀

Me, showing off the orange cowl

Take care!


9 thoughts on “Hey, um… remember me?

  1. Love the stitch you have used on the cowls – it is beautiful! Funnily enough I have just read a tip saying that you are not to worry if you don’t sell anything at your first fair – hand out loads of business cards as you may get a post fair sale. I am sure that you will be fine. At least when you have done this one you know what to expect and will no doubt pick up some tips for next time. Take care.

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