Finally! Photos…

So the laziness continues. It’s warm and I’m moody so I just don’t want to do anything these days. Ha. Silly me.

So here are the pictures of what I decided to go with for the Yard Sale/flea market from last weekend. On the left is a picture of the tri-fold poster board that I decided to use to display the earrings. What I did here was I used just a white board, although I’m sure you could use whatever color you wanted. On that white board I just glued different sized pieces of paper in rows. I placed them in rows because my OCD wouldn’t allow me to place them any other way, but I’m sure you could arrange them all pretty and not in rows. At the top I put the store name. I’m not sure if I liked that decision because it really made it look like a kid’s school project, which these tri-fold poster boards are traditionally used for.

To place the earrings into the poster I used a push-pin to create some nice holes into the board. The size of the pins were good, earrings were able to go into the board easily and come out with relative ease but not fall out.

I strung ribbon down the folds so that I could hang bows and flowers that were on clips.

So, what do you think?

Here’s the rest of the table:



Here are the flowers, hearts and bows the I have attached to cardstock, stud earrings and headbands.





And this is the other side of the able, which housed the coffee mug cozys, coasters and baskets/bowls.


What I forgot to take pictures of were the shrugs and the cowls that I just hung on hangers from this rolling garment holder.




So there you go! What do you think? I felt like I put my best foot forward, especially considering that this was my first show and I didn’t have all the fancy displays for earrings and such. 😀 Oh, and I hope this is a good inspiration for others who want to display earrings in an interesting way on the cheap. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Finally! Photos…

  1. I think it looks good for a first show! If you’re going to do craft/jewelry shows regularly, it might be a good investment to get some of those spin around earring towers. Sometimes you can find them cheap on Ebay or at a flea market. Or if you see a jewelry store that’s going out of business sometimes you can pick one up for very little money. I’ve done a LOT of jewelry and craft shows (my dad made jewelry and I started working them when I was 10). People like to touch things. If they’re on the fence and they feel comfortable picking it up, it usually pushes the sale. The only downside to the board setup is, I don’t think people would be comfortable touching it for fear of tipping it over.

    Putting the bows and clips on ribbons is a GREAT idea. You could do that and just lay the ribbons on the table. Or construct a structure with dowels and some wood blocks that kind of looks like a trapeze and hang the ribbons from that.

    When we did jewelry shows, we put the earrings and other small things in individual boxes and set them out. People seem to be attracted by things in boxes, especially if they’re buying something for a gift. We just got little white cardboard jewelry boxes that you can buy in bulk. Then we put business cards in the bottom, a little bit of cotton (like you use for stuffing animals or quilts) and then the item resting on the cotton. If you’re adept at paper folding, you could make your own little boxes out of old cards or other heavy paper. It would be a personalized touch!

    And remember to Talk Talk Talk. If someone walks up wearing something that matches one of your pieces say “Oh look! This matches your sweater!”

    Also, make things while you’re there. When the crowd would get slow, my dad would start making jewelry and soon there would be a crowd around the tables again.

    Shows are a little more work than most people think, and it takes awhile to get going with them, but they can turn out to be pretty lucrative. Try some craft shows in local malls. People are already there to spend money anyway. Those seem to do pretty well.

    Hope this is just the first in a long line of successful showings for you!

    • Thank you! And you aren’t kidding, shows are more work that people even realize. I had no idea going into this yard sale/flea market that it was going to be so much work. I love your ideas. I looked for fences and such but I couldn’t find anything I really, absolutely loved so I never picked one up. Although, now I keep an eye out for them when I’m out in town. I love the idea of the little boxes, to showcase how great earrings are as gifts, I think that would be a fun way to present it. I was really nervous and I kinda wanted to get the feel for it and not go over board on the fancy, most because I had no idea what I wanted to do. Also, this wasn’t really a craft show and people just seemed more interested in walking by and staying out of the sun.
      Have you ever written down your recommendations/guidelines for craft shows? There are so many people out there, I assume, like myself getting into this and finding it to be fairly overwhelming.We can always use more people with good advice. 😀

      • Yeah, different shows have different “vibes” for sure! Different shows can stand different pricing structures, too. :O

        I never thought about writing down tips. I just sort of offer them if they seem appropriate. I was thinking want to do on my blog next year after to follow this years Block a Day theme. Maybe I’ll do a “Tuesday Tips” kind of thing. Thanks for the idea! 😀

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