So, I made this bag…

It seems like forever ago that I finished this bag but never got around to posting pictures of it. What can I say, I’m rather lazy. Also, I don’t know what to say acrochet, bagnd how to describe it.

So, here are a couple of pictures! Β Now you’ve already seen pictures of the bag, but I only described the straps, which I think turned out not too bad. I used this tutorial from to make the strap. Because I wanted to use it, and I do, I also wanted to re-enforce the strap to make stable for wearing. I used paracord and crocheted around it between the white and blue layers. After i made the rust middle row, I cut a long strip and tied the ends in a not, and held in line as I crocheted the white layer. It disappeared with the blue layer, because the part where the blue and white meet was where the paracord ran. I hope that makes sense. I’m tired, it’s still frightfully hot and I’ve been in a mood lately.
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