So, what’s new?

Well, I’m pretty much storing as much energy as I can because in two days I’m going to be back in school. Am I looking forward to it? Yes, in a way. I’m also very nervous, as the classes I’m taking are harder and more advanced than some of my previous courses. Not to mention, homework will have to take precedence over anything else I would like to do, like crochet 😦 .

Lately I’ve been working on new projects and trying out new seasonally appropriate things, like scarves and fingerless gloves.

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I must say that I’m really loving the idea of a cowl scarf. They’re so simple to use, as in not having to worry about your scarf tails falling all over or the scarf falling off.

On the left here is a side-shell stitch I used on the new Red Heart Boutique red heart, yarn, red heart boutique, review, unforgettable yarnUnforgettable (right) yarn that I picked up. You know what, Red Heart has really stepped up their game these last few years. Remember how scratch acrylic yarn was synonymous with Red Heart? That’s not the case any more. Why this particular yarn is 100% acrylic it’s really got a nice, soft texture to it. It’s a medium weighted yarn and was a breeze to work with, I used a L or 8mm hook for this cowl which made the project go by really quickly too. I’m going to post it on the website.

It’s going to have some good company because I’ve already posted some other cowls I’ve cowl, scarf, crochet scarf, crochet cowl scarf, handmade scarf, indie scarf, unique scarf, hipster scarf, fan stitch scarf, blue scarf, crochet, fashion, fashionable crochet, handmade, crafts, homemade, crafty, yarn, blue, etsy, shopping, shopsmade, which I’ve discussed here before. I do love this stitch and can’t wait for weather in which I can wear these cowls.

Take care until my next post. Lately I’ve been making headbands that are more like ear warmers but I think I rather like them. 😀


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