What is inspiration?

I’m sitting here, on the couch, watching the first season of The Good Wife on Hulu and my wrist is aching, from too much crocheting in the last week or more. I’m sad, about this fact, because not only do I want to work on more scarves I feel like I must, because school starts in 4 days and I know that my plate will be insanely full, I’ve already begun adding the many due dates to my calendar. I don’t know how other people do that, juggle life and running a crochet business, and I’m not even a measurable amount in comparison to really successful crochet businesses, or even medium successful.

While my busy, ish, life is super exciting, probably should have it’s own book (?), I wanted to talk about inspiration for this post. Where, you crafty crafters out there, do you gather inspiration from? When it comes to your own specific creative endeavors, what moves you to work?

Abby in teals.

Lately I have been trying to draw inspiration from non-crochet areas, I would like to think that you can see this in my earrings.

On the left here are one of my newest earring designs, the Abby.  I wanted to make the hanging, fun style earrings that you can see at most jewelry stores. With this design, I took a basic crochet flower, with four petals, and tried to add to more style to it.

What do you think of these earrings? Do they stand out?

Elinor in sage and taupe
Elinor in sage and taupe

On the right here, is Elinor, it’s another example of a hanging earring. While this one is in keeping with my previous triangle designs, I also hoped that it was something new and exciting. I also dressed up the design with beads, which i think added more pop. However, every time I make a pair of earrings I think they’re amazing and exciting but I feel like others don’t necessarily see it that way. 😦

I’ve also been thinking about making earring pdfs, that will be available to purchase on my website. I’m not sure if there are people looking for them.

So, what do you guys think?


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