Happy Hats

Update: The Avery hat pattern is available for $3.99 now.


Did I tell you about how North Carolina is very warm and humid, pretty much all year? If not, then I have not addressed how this makes me totally and completely sad, because I have so many crochet hats that I feel like I can’t wear because they will cause me to sweat up a storm even during the “winter” (I put that in quotes because the winter around here isn’t what most people would call winter).

Well, instead of sitting and being sad about how I can’t have winter I decided to get some of these random hats I made worked up and published. So far I have photographed the Angela, the Cameron and the Avery.

The Avery hat
The Avery hat

First up, the Avery. It’s a take, similar pattern to the, only a super cute slouchy hat. I made another one, in blues, grey and brown and gotΒ quite a few compliments on it. The pattern for this hat should be posted in the next couple of days to my website, it will include a pattern for adults and kids.

The Cameron hat
The Cameron hat
The Angela hat
The Angela hat

Second: The Cameron. I made a hat that looked like this, say, two years ago when I was just beginning to crochet again and I really liked it, so I pulled it out and made a new one. I was really into fpdcs at the time. I’ve actually got another hat from this era in my creativity, need to get that worked on too. πŸ˜€

Third: Angela, oh Angela. I’ve got an infinity scarf, fingerless gloves and boot cuffs (images of which you can find on my FB). I love the Angela line because I’m a big fan of conflicting ideas and images, ya know… like a collage or something.

There will be more hats to come! When I find time to write them up. Right now I’m watching last night’s The Daily Show and drinking a beer, while hanging with the hubs, and because there is so much to do that I find myself forced to multi-task. Oh, boy is my brain full of sludge. I have to start writing papers soon, I have a 10 page research paper due on the 29th. Who does that? College. College does that. And I paid for it. πŸ˜€


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