Holiday craziness

Well, not complete craziness but man have I been busy. How are you guys? Because it was Thanksgiving this week, at work we had a lot of build up for Black Friday and it was crazy. ๐Ÿ˜€ But I survived another year and now I have time for homework! And how was your Thanksgiving? Those of you who celebrate the holiday that is. My husband and I had a nice, low key evening with lasagna, green bean casserole, mashed sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce and for dessert we had pumpkin pie, with a graham cracker crust, and apple cranberry pie. ๐Ÿ˜€ Sad thing though, our pies were gone in two days! Someone must have snuck into the house and ate my half of both pies, obviously. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, what are you working on?

Brenda scarf by Divine Debris
Brenda scarf by Divine Debris

Did you guys see the new scarf I released recently? It’s called the Brenda cowl scarf, it’s available for purchase on my website right now,ย and I really love how the texture turned out. You can add it to your Ravelry queue here. In fact I’ve already sold one! I’m always so excited when I get a sell, it’s fun.

So right now I’m working on a hood, but I’m not sure if I like how it’s turning out. I’m trying to make come crochet cables but it’s not translating completely. Luckily I ordered $40 worth of yarn from Yarnspirationsย ย so I’ll be able to work with it in ย multiple colors until I get it finished! ha.

Layla scarf by Divine Debris
Layla scarf by Divine Debris

Also, did you guys get to see my Layla scarf? It was my last, before the Brenda, scarf release. I’m so sleepy as of late that I can’t keep track of what I have talked about on here. And I know that I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks (and I was doing so good!)… makes my memory bad.

Stella hat by Divine Debris
Stella hat by Divine Debris

Oh, just in case you guys were wondering I’ve got a hat that’s just about finished testing and will be released soon, it’s called the Stella hat. It’s a simple but textured hat, man I just love texture right now, that’s reversible and easily customizable. Sorry for the terrible pictures, I haven’t had the time or the weather to take some decent pictures for the pdf. What do you guys think?

Also, all my patterns on the website are 25% off through Monday 12/2 for Cyber Monday!


2 thoughts on “Holiday craziness

  1. Oh I love all of your pieces I especially love the colour choices ๐Ÿ™‚ Also here in the UK they just started Black Friday I have never seen anything like it! People were like wild animals, I had to go to the supermarket to get lactose free milk as local shops do not sell, oh dear I felt like I was at the Zoo people staring while my husband got me in my wheelchair, then in the shop it was mayhem. Never again will I go out on black Friday I will make sure there is milk in the fridge next year. Off to look at your store now ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh, I’m so sorry you all across the pond (:P) started doing the Black Friday shopping. It’s insanity. This year I could not count the amount of stories I read that detailed near riots, fights and just violence that occurred at various stores across the US. I just don’t understand people! If I didn’t have to work I would have stayed home, had pie and crocheted. ha.
      Oh, and thank you for the compliment. ๐Ÿ˜€

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