This Is Mae, My First Shawl/ Wrap Pattern

In April I made a purchase on a whim and bought a sampler pack of

Mae Shawl/ Wrap Pattern by Divine Debris
Mae Shawl/ Wrap Pattern by Divine Debris

fingering weight yarn from Knit Picks and while the yarn was outstandingly beautiful, I could not figure out what to make with it. Do you ever have that problem? When you buy yarn without a specific project in mind? That’s pretty much what I do with all my yarn, but this yarn is so soft that I don’t want to use it on just anything. While I was visiting family in Texas I decided to make a nice airy shawl/ wrap but I couldn’t find a pattern that I wanted to do. After a few bad starts, I wrote up the Mae Shawl/ Wrap pattern. I’m so glad that I bought the yarn and forced myself to find/ create a pattern for it because I was at a loss for Summer patterns. Winter, Fall and Spring I can do, but Summer is very hard for me for when it comes to patterns. As I transition into full-time pattern and blog writing you’ll probably see more earring patterns from me, because they’ll be my “Summer” designs. Ha.

Anyway, this pattern is on sale for 50% off it’s regular price, currently $1.99, until

Mae Shawl/ Wrap Pattern by Divine Debris
Mae Shawl/ Wrap Pattern by Divine Debris

May 27th in my Ravelry store. I’m also giving away the pattern to 5 people on my FB page.

In more awesome news, The Crochet Awards (here’s the FB for TCA)has been releasing their nominations for this quarter and guess what! I’m nominated! Twice! Sorry for all the exclamation marks but, wow, I’m so excited. One for Best Boot Cuffs 2015 and another for Best Jewelry 2015Honestly, I’m really honored by this and it makes me feel really good. Part of me has been a little discouraged lately about a great many things and a part of it is my crochet life. It’s just been hard lately and to have these nominations show up, it made me tear up a bit. I told my husband and he was also pretty happy for me. 

So, that’s an update on me. I’ve got some more patterns going on in my head and hopefully I’ll have some good things for you in the next couple of weeks. Take care of yourself out there.


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