Building Up the Willow Line

How are you doing on this lovely Saturday. Well, it’s Saturday here when

Willow Bottle Holder Pattern by Divine Debris
Willow Bottle Cozy Pattern by Divine Debris

I’m at but it might not be where you are. Either way, I hope which ever day it is where you are is delightful. Here I’m hoping to accomplish some much needed house work and get some patterns finished up as well as work on a new “secret” pattern that I’m not sure about still. Don’t you hate that? When you’re working on a pattern and you’re not entirely sure you like how it’s working up but you want to continue working on it? Because you won’t know if you’re happy about it or not until it’s done. That’s where I am at with this pattern I have floating around in my head.
I digress… I actually wrote this pattern up last week and had it all ready to go, but I didn’t have the pictures done. Sometimes the taking and editing of pictures takes me forever to get around to. Not because it takes so long, but because I won’t sit down and get to it. Also, the posting. I’m not consistent with the posting. I’m more content to sit and work up a pattern while watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns, all the other stuff is hard. Ok, not hard, but not as fun. :p
As the title says I’m expanding the Willow line some more, with a bottle cozy.  I was inspired by other designers posting adorable pictures of their bottle cozies and I genuinely said, “I want to make one.” So I did. And you can too, it’s very easy.

*US G (4.25mm) crochet hook
* 1 – 2 oz worsted weight yarn
*3 different colors (although you can do more or less it’s entirely up to you) I used Loops and Threads Impeccable
* Tapestry needle

4.5″ x 4.5″= 19 dcs x 9 rows

Willow Bottle Holder Pattern by Divine Debris
Willow Bottle Cozy Pattern by Divine Debris

Terms/stitches used:
*St: stitch
*Slip st: slip stitch
*Ch: chain
*Sc: single crochet
*Spike sc: spike single crochet
*Hdc: half double crochet
*Spike hdc: spike half double crochet

*If you would like to make this pattern taller, just keep adding rows before you get to the handles.
*You will need to know how to sc into the back loop only for this pattern.
*This pattern is written using 3 colors, listed below as colors A, B, and C. You can add more or fewer colors to this pattern if you would like.
*Instead of fastening off between color changes, you can just drop the yarn for the color you’re not longer using and pick it back up again when it comes time to use it. This will cut down on the amount of ends you will have to weave in, but the inside might not be as clean as some people would like. It’s your decision on this, I like to drop the yarn and pick it back up because I hate weaving in ends (unless it’s a gift and then I’ll clean it up).
*This pattern is worked from the bottom up. You complete the base and then move on to the cylindrical sides and then finish with the handles, all in one piece. This is done row by row with a slip st at the end of each row.

Finished product dimensions:
*Height: 13.5”
*Diameter: 5.25” – 5.5”

Willow Bottle Holder Pattern by Divine Debris
Willow Bottle Cozy Pattern by Divine Debris

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