Something in a Valentine style

Hello! How is your Friday going? Me? Oh, I’m just trying to get some stuff done but my

Heart ring pattern by Divine Debris
Heart ring pattern by Divine Debris

desire to stay in my jammers and watch Gilmore Girls re-runs is really strong. Ha. I guess it’s lucky that I finished my Valentine’s Day ring and took pictures of it before today. Planning, it’s great for those days where you don’t feel like doin’ much. 😀

So, I was inspired by the lovely pattern round-ups from lovely people, like Tanya at HodgePodge Crochet, to create something that would be fun to wear during Valentine’s Day. Also, I do love a fun ring. (Remember my pumpkin ring?)

Heart ring pattern by Divine Debris
Heart ring pattern by Divine Debris

So, for this ring you’ll need the same materials as the pumpkin ring:

A couple of colors of size 10 crochet thread and a 2.25 mm crochet hook (I used a Boye brand).
Again, for the band, I crocheted 24 chains and then did 5 rows of scs but if you need more or less chs/rows definitely adjust that.

For the heart I used PlanetJune‘s heart pattern in the medium size.

Using white, to get that memorable and awesome doily look (which always reminds me

Heart ring pattern by Divine Debris
Heart ring pattern by Divine Debris

of my younger years), start in the first sc of row two, sc & ch 1 in each st all the way around, slip st into the first sc when you’ve gone all the way around. It’s just that simple!

I then glued the heart to the band. The heart ends up being just over 1″ in height and 1.25″ at it’s widest. Ok, sure, it’s a bit big but it’s an attention getter, so go big or go home! Or you could do the small heart and a thinner band. That’s the fun thing about such a simple pattern, you can change it as you would like. You could probably make the band bigger, and a larger heart, and make a napkin ring. That’s much fancier than I get, but it’d look nice on a table for a Valentine’s Day dinner. Me? Oh, I think I’m going to grab my red and white threads and make some Valentine earrings. 😀 (If you would like to add this to your Ravelry queue or favorites you can do so here. Pin it here.)
Oh, and before I shuffle off and get some more coffee, I just wanted to introduce you to

Tabitha hat pattern by Divine Debris
Tabitha hat pattern by Divine Debris

my newest hat design, the Tabitha. The pattern comes with adult/teen and child directions and is wonderfully reversible. Also, and this is the best part at the moment, I’m doing a giveaway on my FB page. On Monday I will be using Rafflecopter to select 10 random winners who will get their own FREE copy of the Tabitha Hat pattern. If you don’t want to risk it and would like to get your pattern now, it’s on sale for $2.39 right now (this is a link to my website) and you can buy it for $2.39 on Craftsy if you’d prefer. Add it to your Ravelry queue or favorites here. Or pin it for later here. All in all, I really like this hat design and had a lot of fun makin’ the pattern. I’m working on a scarf version of this as well, I thinkin’ it’s going to include a long “traditional” scarf and a cowl.
Anyway, I hope you like the heart ring pattern, well it’s not so much a pattern as it is an adaptation of other things. 😀 Take care! I’m hoping I’ll stumble upon some motivation somewhere so I can get some of the things on my crafting list done. Until next time.

You can find this post linked to Hookin’ on Hump Day by Petals to Picots and Moogly and MadMadMakers Patterns and Tutorials.

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