Seasonal fun

St. Patty’s Cupcakes
Beer with ribbon shamrocks

So, you guys may not know this about me but I actually don’t care too much about holidays. I don’t decorate and for the most part I can’t even get into exchanging gifts and baking! I love to bake and I actually love giving gifts, knowing someone will love them that is. But as I move farther and farther away from my family I just can’t get my “want to celebrate” up. Eh. But you know what I do like? Seasonal crochet items! Halloween/fall earringssnowflakes, and cupcakes. Well, I made some more:

What do you think?

The shamrocks are super easy to make:

Green beer with shamrocks

I used DMC floss and a #2 steel crochet hook.

ch 8, sc into second st from the hook, sc across.

ch 1, sl st into sc,* ch 4, tr 4 times into sc, ch 4, slip st into sc.*

repeat from * to * twice more. Fasten off. 😀

And for the Easter eggs:

Crochet Easter eggs

4 different colors of yarn or floss

I haven’t made these guys w/ regular yarn but you could probably use a G hook and it would work. Turn after each row.

W/ first color: Ch 8, sc into second ch from hook -7 sc
Ch 2, sc twice into first sc, sc across, sc twice into last St. – 9 sc
W/ second color: ch 2, sc twice into first sc sc across, sc twice into last st -11 sc
W/ third color: turn, ch 2, skip st, dc into next st, *ch 1, dc2tog w/ first leg(dc) of the st in the same st as the last dc then skip a st and place the next leg (dc) into the next st, * repeat from * to * 3 more times, ch 1, dc into last st -4 dc2tog, 2 dc
W/ 4th color: ch 1, sc2tog in first 2 sts, sc across, sc2tog I last 2 sts- 9 sc
Ch 1, sc across -9 s
W/ first color: ch 1, s2tog in first two sts, sc across, sc2tog last two sts -7 sc
W/ second color: ch 2, skip sc, DC into next St, ch 1, dc2tog w/ DC in same St as last DC, skip St, DC I to next St, ch 1, DC into same St, skip St, dc2tog into next St, ch 1, dc2tog, dc into same St, DC into last St.
W/ third color: ch 1, sc first two sets together, sc across, sc last two sts together – 5 sc
Ch 1, sc across – 5 sc
W/ 4th color: Ch 1, sc first two sts together, sc, sc last two scs together. -3 sc

Try out the pattern and let me know how it works for you. 😀

Also, just in case you were wonder, I have now added both the Meghan scarf and the Brittany scarf patterns to my website for $3.99.

And I’m working on writing up the pattern for the Amanda scarf,

Amanda scarf

if anyone would like to test it for me. 🙂


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